Shea Smith


Shea SmithWhen Shea is not chopping tiny food up for her three tiny humans, or pitching Chipotle to her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, you can find her doing the following: Feeding her sourdough starter (aka 4th child) and baking bread. Putting her Master of Divinity to work by furiously typing about Jesus during naptimes. Posting encouragement and #momlife reels on Instagram. Conquering virtual hills on her Peloton. Renovating "the dream home" with her husband. Co-hosting her church's podcast. Homeschooling the littles. Leading a Barre class. Preaching, teaching, and storytelling. And finally, pretending she will keep her indoor plants alive...this time! You can connect with Shea on Instagram at @SheaHsmith, visit her website at, and keep up with her posts by signing up here